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*indicate energy efficiency label by NEA ( National Environment Agency)

Energy Efficiency* Configuration Brand Price From S$
1:2=MODEL: 3MKS50F/FTKS25D x2 Daikin S$ 1,340.00
1:3=MODEL:3MKS50F/FTKS25Dx3 Daikin S$ 1,590.00
1:4=MODEL:4MKS80F/FTKS25Dx4 Daikin S$ 2,270.00
1:2=MODEL:MKS65QVMG/CTKS25Qx2 Daikin S$ 1,900.00
1:3=MODEL:MKS65QVMG/CTKS25Qx3 Daikin S$ 2,200.00
1:4=MODEL:MKS80QVMG/CTKS25Qx4 Daikin S$ 2,650.00
1:2=MODEL:MXY2E20VA/MSYGE10Vx2 Mitsubishi S$ 1,425.00
1:3=MODEL:MXY3A28VA/MSYGE10Vx3 Mitsubishi S$ 1,815.00
1:4=MODEL:MXY4A28VA/MSYGE10Vx4 Mitsubishi S$ 2,250.00
1:2=MODEL:CU2X18TKZ/CSXS9x2 Panasonic S$ 1,550.00
1:3=MODEL:CU3XS27TKZ/CSXS9x3 Panasonic S$ 1,955.00
1:4=MODEL: CU4XS32RBZ/CSXS9x4 Panasonic S$ 2,885.00

There are many possible options and it would be impossible to list them all. For any specific enquiry do send us a request for selection and price.
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